Overview of GST e-Filing Process

April 24, 2020

Overview of GST e-Filing Process

GST-registered businesses are required to use CorpPass to e-File their GST returns through myTax Portal and make payment to IRAS by the due date.

File GST returns for period ending Mar 2020 by 11 May 2020 based on information available

The filing and payment due date for GST returns due in Apr 2020 had been extended to 11 May 2020 for all returns.  This applies to the following returns:

  • Quarterly GST return from 1 Jan 2020 to 31 Mar 2020
  • Monthly GST return for 1 Mar 2020 to 31 Mar 2020
  • Half-yearly GST return from 1 Oct 2019 to 31 Mar 2020
  • All special accounting periods ending in Mar 2020

Although circuit breaker measures have been extended to 1 Jun 2020, the filing deadline for the above-mentioned returns will remain as 11 May 2020. This is because GST is a tax that is already paid for by consumers and collected by GST-registered businesses on behalf of the Singapore Government. For returns that are due on 11 May 2020, the GIRO deduction date will also remain as 15 May 2020.

However, we may also extend the filing deadline to 31 May 2020 on request, if they relate to specific situations mentioned below.  IRAS will assess the merits of each request. To apply for extension till 31 May 2020 for the following situations, please submit the Request for GST Filing Extension form by 4 May 2020.

  1. Claiming a GST refund New!
  2. First GST return filing by a newly-registered business
  3. Staff handling GST reporting are confirmed COVID-19 cases or under Quarantine Order (QO) and are unable to work Updated!
  4. Staff handling GST reporting are located in ‘lockdown’ countries outside Singapore (e.g. India and Malaysia) and are unable to work

As for businesses claiming GST refunds, they may file by 31 May 2020 if they need more time to ensure accuracy of their claims.

Filing payable GST returns based on available information New!

If you are unable to access your accounting records to file your returns accurately due to the extended circuit breaker measures, in respect of GST payable returns, you may file these returns based on available information as explained in the scenarios below.

Within a period of 3 months, i.e. by 11 Aug 2020, you should perform a self-review of your GST return and make any corrections necessary. To revise your reporting, please file a GST F7 to correct the figures and adjust your GST payment accordingly. Under the IRAS’ Voluntary Disclosure Programme, no penalties will be imposed on disclosures of errors that are made on a timely, accurate, complete and voluntary manner.

For GST returns claiming refunds however, IRAS will only accept accurate refund claims that are supported by valid tax invoices.

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