At HLB Atrede, we take pride in the things we do, and we do it well by engaging a pool of talented people who are both proficient and upstanding. The result? A reliable and creditable report that provides confidence to the stakeholders.

Statutory Audit

An audited financial statement lends credibility to your suppliers and bankers. Our customized audit plan concentrates on business areas significant to your financial statements that are critical to your risk profile. By identifying business and control vulnerabilities and opportunities, we focus our audit effort on areas of greatest risk. Understanding our client’s business environment is essential in devising the right procedures.

Due Diligence

In a fast-paced and challenging economic environment, it is extremely important to have as much information as possible before making a business decision. Our due diligence services, backed by a team of capable professionals, will be of great assistance in this area. We offer due diligence examinations on the acquisition of business entities as well as for merger deals.

Business Valuation

It is always never easy to determine a business’s true value. We provide an objective view of critical assumptions and uncertainties so that you and your investors understand the deal better and make informed choices.

Auditor’s Certification

We perform a wide range of assurance services in relation to government grants, helping our clients to meet the regulatory requirements in a timely manner.

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